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Hoffman's Quartet trailer

Quartet.jpgDustin Hoffman has directed a film believe it or not, a film called Quartet which is about a group of retired opera singers fighting for the retirement home that the live in. Sounds incredibly twee and the trailer does look that way as well but it also looks like it might be some fun.

Hoffman is directing Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, Tom Courtenay, Andrew Sachs, David Ryall, Trevor Peacock and the rapidly rising Sheridan Smith.

The film sees a group of retired opera singers living in the same retirement home who get together each year on Verdi's birthday to stage a musical and raise funds for the retirement home. However this year some new arrivals bring with them their past diva ways and relationships are pulled to breaking point threatening the concert.

The story does sound twee doesn't it, and we all know how it's going to turn out, but the interesting bit is getting there and with the very talented cast too. Here's the trailer for Quartet which comes through TrailerAddict.

The film is directed by Dustin Hoffman from the Ronald Harwood script and play and starts its release run in late December in New Zealand, Australia and America, continuing at the beginning of 2013 in the UK and through Europe. Is it too twee for you?



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