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Logan's Run remake losing lead?

LogansRun.jpgLet's face it we know that the Logan's Run remake has been dead for a while, whichever incarnation you look at. Bryan Singer has had a shot at it; Carl Rinsch was on it for a short time and then Nicolas Winding Refn took up the flag along with Ryan Gosling.

Bad news for all those hoping for a remake anytime soon though as one of the key players in the latest version has pulled out, although it's not the director, yet.

Logan's Run has been heading for a remake for a very long time with Bryan Singer starting Logan's Run running and held the flag aloft for a good length of time but it didn't last and it wasn't long before he had to hand off to someone else and rumours had it that it was Joseph Kosinski and then more rumours that it was Carl Rinsch, however that didn't really come to pass and it wasn't long before it was in the hands of Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling.

That line-up and the possibility of the remake happening now looks like its passing as First Showing points us in the direction of a tweet from Justin Kroll from Variety that says:

"Rough news for those LOGAN'S RUN fans, I can confirm Ryan Gosling is no longer attached to the project"

Why do people insist on capitalising nouns in sentences? Are people really that short of an attention span to read such a short sentence? - Anyway I would suggest that this isn't rough news for Logan's Run fans as Logan's Run fans wouldn't want to see a remake done badly and with the majority of remakes being embarrassing takes on originals I think the fans would be glad of this news, well at least a little.

Those that will be unhappy are Ryan Gosling fans, not Logan's Run fans.

However the creative driving force, the writer and director Nicolas Winding Refn, is still on the project so that suggests something.

At the same time though it suggests that it's still not moved forward and has taken another step backward. Logan's Run doesn't look like it's getting remade with this line-up, again.



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