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Parker trailer has Statham, Lopez and Chiklis

Parker.jpgI love Jason Statham so even though I am getting tastes of his other films in here and a slight hint of Out of Sight I'm not really concerned because we know what we're getting here, a great action film with a lot more besides and Statham's usually very cool and committed portrayal. How could you not want that?

Parker also stars Jennifer Lopez and a few other names that immediately raised my curiosity a little more on the film, Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte and Clifton Collins Jr., names that suggest more than the average action film, and even the average Statham action film.

It looks like Jason Statham is taking another step up in his career in Hollywood especially as the film is directed by Taylor Hackford who also directed films like Proof of Life, The Devil's Advocate, White Nights, Against All Odds and An Officer and a Gentleman.

The film is also written by John J. McLaughlin who also wrote on Black Swan (Filmstalker review), has written the upcoming Hitchcock biographical film starring Anthony Hopkins as the man himself and one of the writers on the who-knows-when Splinter Cell.

That's a good amount of talent there so it will be interesting to see how this talent heavy film turns out, from the blurb it does suggest revenge galore and the trailer does suggest more action, but I'm not sure. Here's the blurb for Parker:

Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don't steal from people who can't afford it and don't hurt people who don't deserve it. But on his latest heist, his crew double crosses him, steals his stash, and leaves him for dead.

Determined to make sure they regret it, Parker tracks them to PalmBeach, playground of the rich and famous, where the crew is planning their biggest heist ever. Donning the disguise of a rich Texan, Parker takes on an unlikely partner, Leslie (Jennifer Lopez), a savvy insider, who's short on cash, but big on looks, smarts and ambition. Together, they devise a plan to hijack the score, take everyone down and get away clean.

Here's the action packed, slick and rather interesting looking trailer for Parker which comes through TrailerAddict. Strange that there hasn't been a lot more press for this considering the people involved:

Boy, Chiklis and Statham going head to head? Who doesn't want to see that?



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