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Scarface remake gets a rewrite

Scarface.jpgYou would have thought that a David Ayer written script for a Scarface remake would have been good enough to move forward with but apparently not and there's a new writer pulled into the project to have another crack at it.

I'm still not sure anything new could be brought to the film other than trying to update it and bring the shocks and violence up to today's level, update the lead to reflect today's society, and probably change him into a banker instead of a drug runner. Actually, now that I think about it...

We do have to remember of course that the Oliver Stone written, Brian De Palma directed and Al Pacino led film was in fact a remake of the Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson directed 1932 film which was an adaptation of the Armitage Trail novel. So the one we hold so dear was itself a remake which did pretty much what we're expecting this remake to do, update it and transport it to modern times. In fact my opening description could cover De Palma's version too.

David Ayer previously wrote U-571, which I think he's been forgiven for now, The Fast and the Furious, Training Day, Dark Blue, S.W.A.T., Harsh Times and End of Watch, and looking to the latter half of his career avoiding the odd title here and there you can see where the affinity lies. I think Ayer would be ideal to deliver a script for a new Scarface.

Apparently not though because the story through Deadline and Collider, who do not provide a link to the source story, tells us that a new writer is on the case and his name is Paul Attanasio.

Attanasio wrote the screenplays for Quiz Show, Disclosure, Donnie Brasco, Sphere, The Sum of All Fears and The Good German, he also wrote on Homicide: Life on the Street for a long time. Although his profile of writing doesn't match the image of Scarface as clearly as Ayer's does, there are some strong titles in there that do, and while most are picking out Donnie Brasco I'm more inclined to look to the television show Homicide as the strongest connection.

We could argue about the merits of actually remaking Scarface but it does appear to be happening and Universal are pushing forward with it. If you think about how De Palma's Scarface updated Hawks then there could be a significant leap forward to merit the same kind of remake treatment and it could work. That is if the script and the director are right, and so it will be interesting to see who they take on board to direct and how often we're going to see writer changes.



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