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Second Mama trailer gives more away

Mama.jpgI thought the first trailer for Mama gave too much away, the second gives away even more. I wonder why the film-makers, including producer Guillermo del Toro, didn't decide to re-edit the trailer and take out some of the moments that give away a little too much?

Of course, del Toro is not the writer or the director, that's Neil Cross, Barbara and Andy Muschietti who wrote the script and Andy Muschietti who directed. It stars Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, two names that really do lift the expectations up for the film, as does the trailer it's just that it gives away a little too much as did the first one.

The previous trailer for Mama did a similar thing I felt, that one revealed a little too much of the creature and if you watch horror films then you already have an idea of the look and style of the creature, and that there is going to be a creature, and it's perhaps a little too much. Still it's not a spoiler really. I'm not so sure if the new trailer does edge into the spoiler territory a little too much.

The film sees a couple taking on the parenting of the husband's nieces who have been left alone in the wilderness for five years to somehow fend for themselves, except the more time the children spend with the family the more the parents discover about how they survived the last five years.

The second trailer for Mama, which comes through TrailerAddict, does seem to give a little more away but at the same time it has some really cool moments in it that do sell the film. The reveal is quick and might fly by you if you aren't watching too quickly, and who's to say that it doesn't bear that much importance in the final film?

Here's the trailer for Mama:

Well, did you think it gave away too much?



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