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Silver Linings Playbook trailer looks interesting

SilverLiningsPlaybook.jpgOn the surface the idea for Silver Linings Playbook seems a little, well samey, but then when you dig into it and watch the trailer then it starts to excite. The film is adapted from the novel by David O. Russell who also directs, so there's your first reason, the second is that Bradley Cooper is leading alongside Jennifer Lawrence, they aren't alone either there's an interesting cast behind them including Robert De Niro.

Oh and another thing, it doesn't look like this is a straight up comedy, especially when you think of Russell behind it, there's some definite edginess to it as well.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence together is an interesting matchup as well, both are strong talents and it looks from the trailer that Cooper might be delivering a strong performance here. I also like the dysfunctional and tough side of his character as well as of the relationship between their characters. Not only that but Robert De Niro looks good and he's not playing a half hearted comedy character.

Here's the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook through Deadline:

Well, what did you think?



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