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Stones' Crossfire Hurricane trailer online

CrossfireHurricane.jpgThe upcoming Rolling Stones documentary hasn't been getting the amount of press I expected it would have especially since it has the backing of all the band members and includes plenty of footage and access boasting that it's perhaps the most comprehensive documentary of the band there has been.

It marks the fiftieth anniversary of the band being together and a trailer has finally been released to give you an idea of what it will be covering. Is this the biggest and most comprehensive Rolling Stones documentary yet?

Crossfire Hurricane might well be although the way this group are going I doubt it will be their last. Interestingly I wasn't that into the Rolling Stones until I saw the Martin Scorsese directed concert film Shine a Light (Filmstalker review), a film advertised as a documentary but which was by far more about the performance.

After that I realised just how wide their catalogue was, I mean I knew there were Stones songs I liked but to see a concert where song after song leapt out at you and the performances from the aging line-up were surprisingly impassioned were the real revelation. I came out liking the Rolling Stones so much more than when I went in.

It's due to that film that I now find myself so interested in this documentary from Brett Morgan, although it hasn't been getting a lot of press the new trailer has finally arrived through TrailerAddict and you can see it below:

Definitely one for fans, but do you think audiences who are unsure about the Stones as I once was will be drawn to the film?



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