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Zero Dark Thirty theatrical trailer

ZeroDarkThirty.jpgThere's also a new trailer for Zero Dark Thirty out today, and that would usually be something that would get everyone excited, after all the film has raised a lot of controversy already and it's from Kathryn Bigelow with Mark Boal having written a screenplay that seems to have drawn on some inside sources. From all accounts this is as close to the facts as we'll get.

So any trailer for Zero Dark Thirty should be exciting, except this one isn't.

I'm not sure what happened here but there are two clear things and one of them is really positive, the trailer is showing us that this is more about the lead up to the raid and it's not about the raid itself.

That's the good thing about the Zero Dark Thirty trailer, the rest I'm not so taken with. It seems to be more of a scattering of shots from the film to evoke a particular mood and tone for the film rather than tell us much of a story, although you do get the idea that the story is going to focus on the team trying to find Bin Laden and how they were struggling against all odds fighting for the right thing. Well, that's what the trailer suggests.

This hasn't dipped my hopes for the film any but I do find that the trailer hasn't done the film any justice. Still, it is a trailer for Zero Dark Thirty and this is a story the world is waiting to see told especially in a film by Kathryn Bigelow.

Here's the new trailer which comes through Deadline:



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