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Beautiful Creatures trailer, Twilight with bigger budget?

BeautifulCreatures.jpgThere's a lot of buzz about the film Beautiful Creatures and you can see why, it's Twilight with witches and wizards, a mix of Harry Potter and Twilight. It's all there with the romance up against the future of the world in the hands of the girl.

Yawn. Well, not quite, something else here catches the eye and it's not just Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, this trailer shows that there are a lot more effects behind the film than Twilight, it looks better, it looks darker and more menacing.

Still, it looks Twilight-esque. Here's the blurb for Beautiful Creatures to tell you just that:

A supernatural love story set in the South, Beautiful Creatures tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers: Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich), a young man longing to escape his small town, and Lena (Alice Englert), a mysterious new girl. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.

Now have a look at the trailer to see how they've tried to turn it around from the thoughts of people like me, here's the Beautiful Creatures trailer through TrailerAddict:

Mmmm. Emma Thompson does look bad, in fact bad ass in a few moments, but apart from that all I'm seeing is Twilight with witches, wizards and darkness.



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