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Point Blank (À bout portant) gets double remake

PointBlank.jpgThe French thriller Point Blank (À bout portant) (Filmstalker Review) is getting a Hollywood remake, not surprising really considering that Hollywood has a record of remaking strong European thrillers but what's interesting is that it fits the mould of Anything for Her (Pour Elle) which was a really good thriller that the Hollywood remake actually told better in Paul Haggis' The Next Three Days (Filmstalker review).

Point Blank is a strong thriller but there are some flaws, while it beats most Hollywood thrillers it doesn't quite live up to everything it could have been and a good remake could just remedy that. Except it's not just getting one remake, it's getting two.

Fred Cavayé is the director for Point Blank (À bout portant) which he co-wrote with Guillaume Lemans, together they also wrote Anything for Her (Pour Elle) which he also directed.

Here's the blurb for the original which I wrote up for the review of Point Blank (À bout portant) (Filmstalker Review):

The film tells the story of a man who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, on night shift in the local hospital he's looking after a number of patients, one of whom has just been taken in after being hit by a motorbike. The patient was running from men who were out to kill him, and when one of them comes to the hospital to finish the task the hospital employee saves his life and raises the alarm, and from then on the hospital is closely guarded.

The hospital employee's pregnant wife is kidnapped and the men threaten to kill her should he not do what they request, that is getting the patient out of the hospital and delivering him to them, and this is where his life begins to spiral out of control and he gets caught up in a terrifying conspiracy.

It's a good thriller and if they manage to get the right team behind it the remake could be stronger than the original, but to be honest that's a slim chance although it could work.

So far the story from Variety tells us that Working Title is teaming with Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson's Leverage banner to create the Hollywood remake, however it isn't the only remake that's happening as we hear that a South Korean remake is also on the cards.

This will be produced by Syd Lim at Barunson and Young Films who also have a good list of Korean films on their list including some strong thrillers. It will be directed by Jaihong Juhn, a promising young director.

Two remakes and plenty of exposure for Fred Cavayé who is hard at work on his next thriller, even if they turn out terrible it points more people to the original and raises his name with foreign audiences. It's a win situation for Cavayé but will it be for the audiences of the remakes?



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