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Snow White and Huntsman sequel is happening

SnowWhiteandtheHuntsman.jpgThere was a rumour that a possible Snow White and the Huntsman sequel was dead and buried as bringing back the team for the first one was going to prove a little too awkward, or at least that was what was said at the time. Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sander's personal lives had collided and affected the potential sequel.

Then we heard that the studio were exploring other options and the possibility of a spin-off of just the Huntsman character having his own story, but then it would lose a huge chunk of what it was. Options were being explored at the time, but it now looks like they've been explored and a decision made, and the decision is a sequel.

Perhaps enough time has passed or enough media has been played and those affected have come out the other side with their media profile as intact as it was before the slinging began, whatever the reason it looks like the sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman is on and that Kristen Stewart is returning.

RadarOnline through The Hollywood Reporter have the story that Stewart is returning to the sequel, which should make things awkward since last we heard Rupert Sanders was returning to direct. Not so now, awkward is gone as the story reveals that Sanders is not returning to direct the sequel.

Now the story has one of those pesky sources, so as usual I warn you that grammatically and legally a source close to the production could mean the tea lady, but then again it could mean a producer too. Their source says that the script is complete and production will start late next year and that the decision not to be part of the film was Sanders, not that of the studio.

With Stewart completing Twilight it seems another teenage heart capturing fantasy is required and so why not give it a go? Mind you, considering the roles that she has been taking outside of this genre you would think that she's working up to a career away from these kind of films. Still, we don't know what direction the sequel will take and who is going to be directing it.

I'm not really fussed about a sequel to the film and I am a little more interested in seeing Stewart in films that will stretch her acting ability more than Twilight has.



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