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Star Wars: Episode VII gains writer

StarWars.jpgThere's not much messing around on the new Star Wars film now that Disney has the franchise and the company behind it in their fold, but then it isn't actually true because it seems that work has been going on behind the scenes for some time.

We heard that George Lucas was working on a potential new franchise, now it seems to be confirmed and there's a writer now officially announced for the next Star Wars film and to keep with the rumours it would seem the original stars are returning.

We already heard that George Lucas had been talking about a new series with previous stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Rumours have been flying about the two actors and Harrison Ford returning to the new Star Wars trilogy to reprise their roles, something that hasn't been discounted yet.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the writer Michael Arndt has been helping out on the project for some time now and had written a treatment for the new film that would bring the Skywalker family to the fore with a new generation of heroes taking the fight against a new threat, or perhaps an old one rising up with some new faces in charge.

Arndt wrote Little Miss Sunshine, co-wrote on Toy Story 3 (Filmstalker review), Oblivion and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, an interesting mix of writing that isn't all Disney through and through. Think Oblivion mixed with Toy Story and perhaps we're getting close.

So the treatment is there to be built into a story and what will undoubtedly follow is a script the key characters returning to train a new generation of Jedi's who will fight for the universe.

There's still a director to get though, and the rumours have been all over Matthew Vaughn of late, mainly because he appears to have been clearing his schedule, but we're still awaiting official word, a word that I don't think will be too long in coming out, after all Disney will want to get the story out to all and keep the hope burning for the new Star Wars.

As for the returning of the stars, personally I can't see them doing this any other way. As we left the story there was one Jedi left, one and a potential other, so even if the two of them achieved top level robe status they have a whole army of Jedi's to train with Luke becoming the new Yoda.

It's the perfect place to kick off the new franchise from but they have to make sure they don't repeat the problems or the stories that have been before.

So who will direct Star Wars: Episode VII? That's the next question. If Vaughn did then we'd certainly see something special but could you see Vaughn working at Disney?



I can't wait for this to come out. It's been a while and my lightsaber is roaring to be used again. George Lucas you're a genius!


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