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The ABCs of Death trailer looks fantastic

ABCsofDeath.jpgHorror anthology film, that hasn't been a good phrase of late and even the first glimpse of what this film was going to offer wasn't filling me with hope for it. Now with the release of the new trailer I've had my mind changed, forcibly.

This doesn't look like a standard collection of horror films, not by a long shot; in fact some of them look like they range from plain disturbing to downright weird. Judging from this trailer the film is going to grab you by the throat.

Here's the premise of The ABCs of Death, along with the blurb:

Twenty-six directors. Twenty-six ways to die. The ABCs of Death is perhaps the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived with productions spanning fifteen countries and featuring segments directed by over two dozen of the world's leading talents in contemporary genre film. Inspired by children's educational books, the motion picture is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were then given free reign in choosing a word to create a story involving death.

Ambitious indeed as the standard anthology doesn't have anything near twenty-six shorts to it, not in one film anyway. My first thought here is that either the running time is mammoth or the shorts are going to be all horror and no story. Judging from the trailer the horror is definitely there.

Here is the trailer for The ABC's of Death through TrailerAddict:

So there's definitely horror and there is definitely weirdness, enough to differentiate each story from the other as well but the running time of the film is billed as one hundred and twenty-three minutes long, with twenty-six films that means...five minutes twenty seconds each, removing time for the titles you could say five minutes each with ten to fifteen give or take. That's not a lot of time to tell a story.

There are also the titles to consider, each letter is associated with a word that portrays the main crux of the story and they range from D is for Dogfight to H is for Hyrdo-Electric Diffusion to F is for Fart. Horror, fantastical to just plain silly, I'm not sure what that says about the film, a mix bag indeed.

Still, the trailer does look good and it will provide horror fans with a huge injection of horror directly to the eyeballs.



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