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Trailer for Alan Moore's film Jimmy's End

JimmysEnd.jpgAlan Moore, the man who doesn't like any of his graphic novel work when it reaches a film adaptation, has decided to try his hand at making films, entering the very medium that he feels has treated his work so badly, something I don't really agree with.

So Moore has collaborated with the photographer Mitch Jenkins to make a thirty minute film called Jimmy's End, the first of a series of short films that will be released online for all to see.

This first film, Jimmy's End, is due for release on the 25th of November on the website simply called jimmysend.com.

The Guardian carry the trailer as well as a little explanation for the series saying that Jimmy's End is...

...one of a projected series of short films as part of a 'multi-layered, multi-episode narrative'...

They also reveal that a second in the series has already been made entitled Act of Faith.

The teaser trailer looks rather interesting and can be seen below.

Also from the site is an interesting look at the film which features more footage and a revealing voice over from a voice that might not be recognisable to you but whose owner can easily be guessed at. It's all too short however but it does give us some more footage from the film.

I wonder if this web series goes well if Alan Moore has further plans to enter the world of film? I wonder if he would consider directing an adaptation of one of his own works, given the creative control of course. It will be interesting to see how Jimmy's End, and the entire series turns out and if this could lead to more behind the camera work for Moore.



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