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Twins sequel, Triplets, gets twin writers

Twins.jpgDespite all my hopes and the hopes of sane people everywhere it seems that the idea of a Twins sequel is going ahead and it is indeed going to be called Triplets with Eddie Murphy joining as the third brother.

It's unbelievable to imagine it really will happen, especially when considering that Murphy's career is where it is and Arnold Schwarzenegger is just getting back into film with his action career. Is there really a desire for a Twins sequel?

I'm not sure what the film can bring that the original didn't. Oh yes, there's going to be the running joke that the two test tube brothers have a third one that's black when they're white and entirely different to each other in each and every way. Can't you just see the stream of standard jokes playing off of one hook all the way through?

The news from The Hollywood Reporter is that writers have been found for the script, Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon. While this is the first writing deal for Dixon, Gad has written two episodes for the recent television comedy 1600 Penn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito will be returning and, of course, Eddie Murphy is the triplet.

I'm not saying anything against Dixon or Gad but I don't see how any writers could make this work, it's just more of the same with the comedy hinging on one trick and that hinges on the successful return of Eddie Murphy.

Schwarzenegger and DeVito were great together though, but it also raises the question as to whether Schwarzenegger will have been back long enough to make his leap from action to comedy, again? Aren't there better films to be made, better directions for Schwarzenegger to direct himself towards a successful second career in film than a sequel to Twins and a storyline like Triplets?



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