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Warm Bodies trailer offers something new for zombies

WarmBodies.jpgSeriously, could you have imagined that there could be something new to come in a film, television show, book, anything zombie related really, after all pretty much everything has been covered already. Well not really, not now once you've seen the trailer for Warm Bodies.

I was surprised at the direction that the story has taken but it's a great idea as well, the idea that zombies can come back. Okay it might be a little twee in some of the idea but the way it's presented is pretty damn interesting.

The film is directed by Jonathan Levine which he adapted from the Isaac Marion novel. Not sure who Levine is? Well shame on you, he directed 50/50 (Filmstalker review), All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Filmstalker review) and wrote and directed The Wackness.

First up let's try and sell you on the idea through the blurb...no, I've changed my mind, throw yourself into the trailer through TrailerAddict first, we'll do the blurb afterwards.

Right, now let's try the Warm Bodies blurb, I did think it was much better to see the trailer cold, it does tell you everything you need to know about the plot.

After a zombie becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world.

What did you think? The idea behind it is really interesting and is one of those moments that turns around a well trodden genre. It's not ground breaking but it takes the idea of zombies and pushes them in a new direction, and one that makes you think back to other zombie films you've seen. I like the idea and it looks like it's really well directed too.

Oh, and I probably haven't mentioned that it also stars Nicholas Hoult, John Malkovich, Rob Corddry and Teresa Palmer, yes I did say Hoult and Malkovich.



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