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World War Z teaser reveals more zombie action

WorldWarZ.jpgEveryone who has read World War Z (Amazon.co.uk) by Max Brooks has been looking forward to the film version especially when we heard that J. Michael Straczynski was adapting the novel for the screen and the talk was that they were adapting it as per the book, that is not an action film but in the same style as the novel, a documentary interviewing survivors about the war against zombies from a very realistic viewpoint.

There have been a number of news stories on the way that have cast some doubt on that and the arrival of a teaser trailer seems to reinforce the idea that this is definitely not a documentary or talking heads, in fact very much the opposite.

You can read all about the story behind World War Z on Filmstalker in an article where I look back on the key stories of the development and there's really only been one key update since then, the news of the rewrites and reshoots.

Now though we're looking at evidence of the concerns I certainly had about the film as a teaser of the trailer, which will be released tomorrow, has appeared online and shows us no documentary action or headshot interviews. In fact the trailer shows some massive action sequences.

Of course this could be just to sell the film to all those non-World War Z fans as early on we had heard that it was going to contain a number of flashbacks to action sequences but would always stay true to the novel. I'm not so sure though, there doesn't seem to be much of the original idea there.

Is this going to turn out to be a high value and big star zombie apocalypse action film? It could well do.

Here's the Entertainment Tonight World War Z teaser trailer through TrailerAddict so you can see what I mean:

What do you think? Brad Pitt, tons of action and huge set pieces? We'll find out for sure today.



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