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Iron Sky starts to pay back

IronSky.jpgFor all those who scoffed at Iron Sky, the partially crowd sourced film that saw Nazi's hiding out on the dark side of the moon until they began a planet wide invasion, here is some great news. The production has started paying back investors.

The reason they can do that is that it has made more than US $10 million at the box office since its April release and the release schedule isn't over nor does it count video on demand and DVD/Blu-ray sales.

Although only ten percent of the film's budget was provided through crowd sourcing, that's still quite an amount of the total budget of the film, a budget which is around seven and a half million Euros or ten million US Dollars.

Still the report is a positive one and clearly shows that crowd sourcing and independent films can work, and Iron Sky did work. Have you seen it yet? It's on LOVEFiLM right now and it's a good fun film that has some excellent effects in it.

You have to admire what they achieved and again it's another chip in the framework of the traditional Hollywood model, however it doesn't look like one that the production company behind Iron Sky are set to repeat.

Jeremiah Harm is the project that Blind Spot Productions are developing next. The film is the adaptation of the science fiction graphic novel and will be directed by the man who directed Iron Sky, Timo Vuorensola. Once again crowd sourcing will be used however this time not to raise funding as Variety reports that the financing comes from a "traditional model", instead the crowd sourcing will be to get ideas for the aliens within the film.

It looks like they've realised the power of getting a fan base developed and involved early in the film but the financial model isn't one they want to repeat. I wonder if that's because they don't favour it again or that they've just been offered the funding, and perhaps more of it, to make a bigger and better film?



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