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Jack Reacher Japanese trailer shows more plot

JackReacher.jpgI know some people aren't convinced that Tom Cruise can pull off Jack Reacher (I have to ask myself if I really just said that) I know that my wife is one of those people who think that Cruise just doesn't look the part, but for someone who hasn't read any of the novels I think he looks great in the trailers.

This new Japanese trailer concentrates more on the story but doesn't lose sight of Cruise in the main role, and a tough, mean looking Cruise at that.

I'm loving the look of Jack Reacher and I think Tom Cruise works perfectly in the role, I'm sure if I'd have read the books I would have thought a little differently but then that's always the case with a book isn't it? Your own imagination takes over and that's the only way you can see of the character.

I think this trailer for Jack Reacher through TrailerAddict is the best trailer yet for the film, and it's sold me on going to see it.

Actually what really sold me on the film was the dialogue over the phone when they kidnapped the lawyer. This guy means business, and yes I mean Christopher McQuarrie.



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