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New Parker trailer ups the action

Parker.jpgWe're not hearing that much about Parker, and partly because it's another action film with Jason Statham in the lead but at the same time that's the biggest reason for watching them, Statham is excellent in these action films and Parker might just offer us something more.

First up its directed by Taylor Hackford who previously directed An Officer and a Gentleman, Against All Odds, White Knights, Proof of Life and Ray, then it's written by John J. McLaughlin who also wrote on Black Swan and Hitchcock, plus it co-stars Michael Chiklis, Jennifer Lopez and Nick Nolte. That doesn't sound like the standard Statham action film now does it?

I do like the idea that they have Michael Chiklis playing his Shield character up against Jason Statham's action star, it looks a good battle. Plus the trailer looks pretty full on with the action.

Here is the trailer for Parker through Trailer Addict and I'd say it's definitely worth a look when it arrives.



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