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Oblivion trailer with director commentary

Oblivion.jpgWe've seen the trailer for Oblivion already, and you can still see it right here on Filmstalker, but now there's a new version of the trailer that has been released with an audio commentary from the director of the film Joseph Kosinski, and the trailer is paused, rewound, and discussed about in some length to give us a lot of detail about the story behind the film.

We get to hear about what the technology we see is doing in the film, the locations, style and the characters in the film.

Two things early on we hear about the technology in the film, which doesn't spoil anything I don't believe, reveals some interesting facts about the story. You can see only the tops of the tallest buildings because everything else has been covered with black sand, and that looks like it's covered the Earth pretty deep. There are these huge towers that are extracting sea water, not to rejuvenate the planet, but to help humanity move to Titan and live there.

That last comment is an interesting piece because it positions the film differently from most post-apocalyptic science fiction films and from the story I was actually expecting.

You can see the commentary trailer for Oblivion below which IGN have recorded and we find through JoBlo running at a great eight minutes long, so this isn't just a standard marketing tool, it has some great insights into the story:

It was a little frustrating to have been given so much up front and then when the slew of money shots comes at the end everyone clams up, but still, there's plenty to be had here and I don't think much in the way of spoilers, if anything.



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