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Jurassic Park IV is happening

JurassicPark.jpgUniversal Pictures has announced that Jurassic Park IV has a release date. Of course it doesn't have a director yet but there's been talk of the development of a story idea for some time and with this announcement it would seem as though they have an idea that will work and perhaps a writer or at least one in mind.

There's not much to go on with the story but it will be interesting to find out who is set to write, who they are looking to direct, but more importantly what the story will be.

Good news on the project is that Steven Spielberg is on the production team, something that will perhaps keep the level of the story in line with the others and keep this being one of the most successful franchises of all time.

The announcement from Universal on their Twitter account which came through BBC Newsbeat reveals that they are set to start filming this spring with a release for April 2014, which must mean there's a story close to completion and a director ready for the project, surely?

It does come back to the most important issue, far more important than who is directing and who is writing, what is the story for another Jurassic Park?

In the first film an island theme park filled with real life dinosaurs had been created and they soon found out that greed and a rush to market with a poorly implemented system meant that the dinosaurs were on the rampage and the people there were food.

In the second film it turns out that there was a second island where they were testing and carrying out research for the main island. One research team and one capture team are heading there for very different reasons; the capture team are intent on returning dinosaurs to the mainland. Unsurprisingly, disaster ensues once again

In the third film two rather rich parents convince the Doctor involved in the first adventure on the island to take them on an aerial tour. However it's not long before they've landed and reveal that they are trying to find their son who has accidentally parachuted onto the island. Disaster is just around the next tree.

So what now? Where could they take it? Presumably the two islands are still there. I wonder if they would consider looking at what might happen to these islands now that the world knows they are there and what they contain. Foreign governments would surely be keen to discover how the advances in genetics have resulted in the dinosaurs being brought back to the planet and also to have some of these creatures themselves. So far we've only seen small American teams heading there but now everyone knows, don't they?

I'm really keen to know where the story is going to head but I suspect we'll be hearing writer, director and casting before we get there. They might even manage to keep it a secret until the trailer pops out and that would be great to see.

So who will direct? Steven Spielberg directed the first two films and, as I just wrote about, has just moved Robopocalypse forward on his schedule, but that doesn't mean he was making room to direct this, he's a busy man and he's already producing it. Joe Johnston directed the third and he did a great job, will he return?



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