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McCullin trailer promises truth

McCullin.jpgNow here's a powerful trailer for a documentary. Called McCullin the film talks to war photographer Don McCullin about his experiences as a photographer in some terrifying situations, beginning as a photographic developer in the RAF through to his first combat coverage as a photographer during the war in Cyprus, right through his lengthy career of awards and accolades including a CBE and a broken camera which halted a bullet meant for him.

The documentary talks to the man who discusses his experiences while we discover images from his life and his camera. The man has seen things we will never and would never want to see, but at the same time he's captured images that have brought home the horror and reality of war that we could never have experienced and that may have even changed the tide of popular opinion.

McCullin comes from BAFTA nominees David Morris and Jacqui Morris, nominated for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer as well as for the film itself. Here's the blurb:

War photographer McCullin speaks candidly about his three-decade career covering wars and humanitarian disasters on virtually every continent and the photographs that often defined historic moments. From 1969 to 1984, he was the Sunday Times of London's star photographer, where he covered stories from the civil war in Cyprus to the war in Vietnam, from the man-made famine in Biafra to the plight of the homeless in the London of the swinging sixties.

Here's the trailer for McCullin through TrailerAddict which does look visually as powerful as his retellings suggest.



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