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Olympus has Fallen trailer, Butler takes the Whitehouse back

OlympushasFallen.jpgA Scottish John McClane taking Die Hard to the Whitehouse - Well that's the easy and lazy way to describe the film Olympus has Fallen, but take a look at the trailer and I think you'll not care and instead be totally hooked on the idea.

In fact that's probably done for you already before you even get to the trailer by the sheer weight of names - Antoine Fuqua directs Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott, Radha Mitchell, Melissa Leo, Cole Hauser, Robert Forster and Rick Yune. In? I am.

The story outline seems similar to a couple of films we might have seen before about a Secret Service agent self-exiled and on the comeback and a lone wolf operative left in the middle of a terrifying terrorist situation, but it does look like it's done exceedingly well.

Olympus has Fallen sees Gerard Butler playing a Secret Service agent who made a terrible but correct decision during his duty of protecting the President and now sees him trying to lead a life outside of the Secret Service. However by some strange circumstance he finds himself in the Whitehouse during a full on, cleverly coordinated terrorist attack, one that succeeds in getting the terrorists access to the building, the secret rooms and the President himself. Not only is he there but he seems to be the only surviving agent and so he must fight back and after making contact with the National Security team outside of the Whitehouse he becomes there only hope inside.

I had no idea that the film was this far on and judging from the trailer they've really sped through the production but not to any detriment of the film. It's due for multiple releases in March and April and it looks like I'll be there on opening weekend.

Here's the trailer for Olympus has Fallen through The Hollywood Reporter for the Antoine Fuqua directed film Olympus has Fallen, and you know that means hard action, excitement and genuine tension.



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