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Third Upstream Color trailer fascinates

UpstreamColor.jpgThis time the latest trailer from Upstream Color is reported to give us a little more story, little being the operative word. Perhaps it actually gives us a lot more of the story it's just that we can't see it yet? What it is though is very interesting.

I didn't feature the second trailer because I didn't think it offered anything more than the first, other than plenty more questions and confusion, and while the third trailer still has that confusion it has a lot more to it, and the imagery does convey quite a bit.

Upstream Color, as you might well know by now, comes from the writer and director of Primer, Shane Carruth, and that's a big endorsement straight away.

There was a very short blurb released with the first trailer:

A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism.

From the Apple Trailer through the First Showing story which carries a blurb from the Sundance Festival comes an extra line to add to that:

Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of wrecked lives.

Still, not very revealing and while the trailer delivers more it doesn't ruin anything for the story, something most trailers today do, and manages to keep a strong mystery while drawing you towards it - I wouldn't necessarily say totally in, but towards.

Here's the new trailer for Upstream Color:

I'm fascinated by the use of the images of the pigs and what relevance that has to the story, particularly as they are being captured and forced along a single path towards a fate unknown to them but known to all those around them. Does that bear anything for the characters and the story of Upstream Color?



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