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Vehicle 19 trailer shows big action and Walker

Vehicle19.jpgPaul Walker is pretty much playing one type of character these days, and in Vehicle 19 he's showing that he's not straying from that path much as he's in a car, racing along, and on a trail of revenge. However there's some more to this one, it starts out a little differently.

There are two trailers out there for Vehicle 19, I've selected this one as it shows us action but also the story behind it, and that's got to make the film seem more appealing, and it actually does.

The blurb for Vehicle 19 is pretty simple; Paul Walker plays an ex-con who illegally enters another country in order to see his child. As he picks up his rental car he finds a mobile phone with some disturbing text messages from someone who believes he is the owner of the mobile. It seems the previous occupant left a few others things in the car too, a gun, a tied up woman and the entire police force on his tail.

Here's the trailer for the South African filmed Vehicle 19 through TrailerAddict:

He does play that role well, but isn't it time he moved on? Well, not after Fast and Furious 6 that's for sure.



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