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British Taylor-Burton film promises more

Taylor-Burton.jpgAmerican television recently developed a film about the legendary Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler called, rather poorly, Liz & Dick. Now the great news is that British television channel BBC4 is about to create their own film about the two actors during the last phase of their relationship together as they performed the Noel Coward play Private Lives.

The film marks the last time the two were together and it seems the behind the scenes events between the two were the most dramatic in their relationship.

Thankfully this film will see a top class actress taking the role of Elizabeth Taylor with Helena Bonham Carter and playing Richard Burton will be the equally strong Dominic West.

According to the story from The Guardian the film will follow the stage production of Noel Coward's Private Lives which opened at the Boston Shubert theatre in April 1983 before it moved onto Broadway. The television film will be directed by Richard Laxton who previously directed An Englishman in New York and could mark a significant moment for the channel whose budget for dramatic material has just been, excuse the use of the word, dramatically cut.

An excellent quote is also in the article from Elizabeth Taylor regarding the experience during the play with Richard Burton and it describes the tone of the film rather well:

"It was probably the most chaotic time of life...It was fun and it was dark. Oceans of tears, but some good times too."

You can imagine what the film is going to be like but what I hope is that this, and perhaps even a little the American television film, will raise the appetite for a film about Richard Burton and his own life, a story that is just as dramatic as well as tragic.



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