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Darker Warm Bodies trailer

WarmBodies.jpgA new trailer has arrived for the film Warm Bodies and while all the current ones seem to feature the comedic aspect I found this one to be a little darker and concentrate more on the story and I liked it for that.

What the trailer also does is drop the voice over and offer us a little more footage, footage that shows that it's much more than just the two characters. This is far more dramatic and still delivers the comedy.

Warm Bodies does look a really interesting film and with Jonathan Levine adapting and directing and the strong list of actors in there I already want to see it but I've just grown tired of seeing a similar cut of the existing trailer with the droll voice over, it's become a little tiring, so this new trailer has reignited my excitement.

I don't like the fact that the trailer cuts off just a little too early, I've tried finding another version but not one that doesn't feature all the comedy. I'm not saying the comedy is bad, just that I think this trailer is more interesting considering all we've seen is the same part of the story and the same comedic hook. This is something different.

Here's the new trailer through TrailerAddict, see what you think.



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