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Director appointed to Jurassic Park IV

ColinTrevorrow.jpgThere was some concern when producer Kathleen Kennedy left Jurassic Park IV but then she's off to devote her time on the next iterations of Star Wars and that shouldn't really be seen as a negative for this production. So it is good news to hear that life in Jurassic Park is continuing.

News has arrived that a director has been appointed to Jurassic Park IV and that means everything is rolling forward. The choice of director though is an interesting one as he's not established.

Colin Trevorrow directed the film Safety Not Guaranteed which received a lot of praise, the film was about an eccentric inventor who advertises for someone to travel back in time with him and test out his new invention, the first time machine. The film earned him the Independent Spirit Award of Best First Screenplay this year.

That said it was a small independent film and Jurassic Park is a huge big budget franchise that is expected to earn a ton of money, so there's a lot of pressure and a big leap of faith. Of course he has some great backing as Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall are just two of the producers behind it and there's a script from Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver which has the go ahead from all involved.

It's hard to imagine the task ahead of Treverrow but anticipation is high for the news through The Hollywood Reporter has the Jurassic Park IV news, perhaps not so much for the director but more so for what the story will be. Where could Jurassic Park IV take us?

There can't be another island and while there are existing islands still there with dinosaurs still on them we can't simply just go back again can we? I had previously thought that since a dinosaur had been on the mainland and people now new about them all round the world that foreign governments would be keen to find them and exploit the technology of the DNA work as well as of the dinosaurs themselves, that seems interesting but it's taking it all off in another direction. Perhaps it will leap forward and we'll find that dinosaurs are breeding like mad and are starting to thrive on our planet, breaking from the islands and breeding across the planet?

Do you have any ideas how the fourth film could bring something new to the franchise?



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