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Quick announcement before I head off on a long weekend break snowboarding, and hopefully come back alive - the pinkie with a broken bone and big toe that had to be drained of blood through the nail suggests otherwise - is that there's someone joining Filmstalker to help out on articles for the site.

I've not been able to give the news side of Filmstalker the attention it deserves of late so someone from the Filmstalker Audiocast is leaping on board to start doing some writing in their free time, no idea where the free time comes from but I'm sure you're welcome their contributions none the less.

As anyone who reads Filmstalker will have noticed I've been slipping of late mainly because real life has been so demanding but also because I've been invited to some new press screenings which can mean five new films every two weeks, that's a lot to write up when you write reviews like I do!

So the great guy that he is, Mark Buckley a regular on the Filmstalker Audiocast, has offered his services to help out with some of the news on the site.

I really do enjoy the Audiocast because both Steven Orrell and Mark Buckley give such different voices to it, and I don't just mean their regional accents. It'll be great to see Mark take that tone across to the articles on the site and get his passion into some of the written words as well as the spoken ones.

So I hope you'll join me in a warm welcome to Mark, I'm looking forward to reading his articles already, although maybe after the snowboarding!

Good luck Mark.



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