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To the Wonder trailer, is this how trailers should be?

TotheWonder.jpgYou know I've seen a couple of trailers for To the Wonder and I've been thoroughly unimpressed, they've been showing off lovely shots with big name faces and some voiceover that all adds up to telling us very little about the film. I wasn't sold, but then I wonder is that because I'm too used to overly explanatory trailers.

Perhaps we all are and the trailers for To the Wonder are how trailers should be, full of mystery and serving to give us a taste of what to expect rather than delivering the story to us. Well that's what we're getting with To the Wonder.

The film is the latest one from Terrence Malick so it's what you'd expect from him but putting his style to the side and watching the trailer you do come away wondering what it is about and frankly if it weren't for the big names you see and hear you might just forget about it before the page is even closed.

However is that the fault of this trailer for To the Wonder or is it the fault of all the other trailers, the trailers which are telling us most of the story and spelling everything out about the film during these short few minutes? Have we become too used to being spoon fed the film through the trailer and not used to relying on our imagination and being sold an idea?

Perhaps, and yet I still look at this trailer and see nice shots, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko, and not much else. For me it's selling on the names and not much else, is that a good thing?

See for yourself with this trailer for To the Wonder through Deadline:



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