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We Sell Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks trailer shows WikiLeaks story

WikiLeaks.jpgAlex Gibney previously made the superb documentary Taxi to the Dark Side as well as others such as Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Casino Jack and the United States of Money and Freakonomics. Now he's tackling another political and moral hot subject with the story of WikiLeaks in his new film We Sell Secrets.

A trailer has arrived for the film and it looks to be tackling the whole subject from the WikiLeaks acts themselves to the motivations by the people behind it as well as the accusations against Julian Assange.

Judging from the trailer for We Sell Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks looks to be a pretty balanced view and doesn't either sell Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as a great harbinger of all that is right, good and true, nor does it demonise him. It does look to address his conduct and motivation as well as the accusations still outstanding against him which he refuses to answer to.

After seeing Taxi to the Dark Side (Filmstalker review) and being hugely affected by it I'm really keen to see Alex Gibney's new film, more so after seeing this trailer.

The trailer for We Sell Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks comes through Deadline and can be seen below. It's well worth it as it is a strong trailer:



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