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Winterbottom's The Look of Love trailer

TheLookofLove.jpgI saw this film at the Glasgow Film Festival this year and I was really keen to see it, not because of the obvious naughtiness but because Paul Raymond was always this iconic figure that was presented with a rather tainted and sleazy image and the story of his life seemed an interesting one.

Then there was the fact that Steve Coogan was set to lead with a cast including Anna Friel, Imogen Poots, Chris Addison, James Lance, Matt Lucas, Stephen Fry, David Wamliams and Tamsin Egerton. Interesting cast list. Oh, and of course Michael Winterbottom directing from the Matt Greenhalgh script.

For those of you who don't know, Paul Raymond became one of the richest people in Britain and was often called the British Hugh Hefner, although that title does present a narrow view of his empire. He was a property tycoon as well as the owner of gentlemen's clubs and adult magazines from Men Only to Mayfair and he did more than just own them, he was closely involved in them in many aspects. He really was at the forefront of the adult industry at the time, especially for the media.

So it's a surprise that it has taken so long to make a film about the man but Michael Winterbottom and the unlikely lead in Steve Coogan have done just that, and it's a good film too.

Here's the trailer through TrailerAddict for The Look of Love:

The Look of Love is an interesting, enjoyable and at times emotional film but I have to admit that it didn't completely live up to my expectations. I had hoped that it was more about Paul Raymond but it did focus more on his relationship with his daughter, which to be fair is a huge aspect of his story but there was so much more that was touched on and seemed just as interesting.

I can imagine in trying to adapt the story of such a flamboyant and unusual character as Paul Raymond deciding what to take to the confines of a film would be difficult. As it stands though it is a very good film with a surprising last act and there are some strong performances on the way. A review will be coming very soon.



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