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Burton directing non-Burton film

TimBurton.jpgThere's news about directors and stars picking up new jobs every single day and while some may offer excitement for the coming project it's not really until writers, actors and actresses come along that everything really gets worth writing more about.

This is one of those stories. The idea of Tim Burton directing a film doesn't usually excite me, it's usually just another Tim Burton film, but this isn't.

The next film that Tim Burton has to direct is called Big Eyes, a film he was previously producing, and is based around the story of the relationship between Walter and Margaret Keane. Who you say? Well that's what I did until I read some more.

The article from The Hollywood Reporter tells us what's behind the true story of the couple. They were a couple well known in the art world through the fifties and sixties for their paintings of big-eyed children. After they were divorced in 1965 Walter Keane began talking himself up and claiming how great a painter he was and that he was responsible for the famous paintings.

The couple took to court and a decades long battle began between the two which eventually ended up in court with the judge ordering the two to paint in court and prove who actually painted the famous pictures. Walter Keane lost, Margaret Keane won, and the ex-husband had to pay millions in damages.

Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander adapted the story into a script for Tim Burton who is set to direct and currently Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams are in negotiations to play the couple.

It sounds like an interesting character story and one that doesn't immediately sound like a Tim Burton film, and to me that's an interesting prospect. I'm not a great fan of Tim Burton these days as I find he's carved himself that quirky niche and just keeps riding that niche, even recasting the same people again and again. Personally I'm bored of it. So when it sounds like he's directing something different, I'm interested.

That said the story also reminds us that the writers Karaszewsi and Alexander also wrote Ed Wood which Burton directed.

Originally it seems that the two writers were going to direct the film and had Ryan Reynolds and Reese Witherspoon lined up to star in the roles but apparently financing and scheduling put pay to that.

I like the potential new line-up though and coupled with Burton this could be a really interesting story and a good film. My concern is that Burton tries to take it into his niche and it all turns quirky from the core to the skin. Maybe Burton will try and not make it totally his own.



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