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DreamWorks making Church sex abuse film

TomMcCarthy.jpgReligious groups do like to complain about films, the Catholic Church especially, so wait till they hear about this one. According to reports the real life story of the priests who sexually abused children in Massachusetts which the Church covered up for decades is about to become a film and it isn't going to be some small scale documentary.

We already heard that the film had Thomas McCarthy set to write and direct, but we now know he's joined by another writer and the film has a couple of powerful production companies behind it.

In October of last year I wrote about how this terrible story of sexual abuse and the horrifying cover-up that accompanied it was being made into a film with Thomas McCarthy directing, and not just a film about the abuse but about the investigation into the cover-up.

You can read all about it on the previous article from last year, but here's a quick recap:

The film will follow the reporters Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer, Matt Carroll, Walter "Robby" Robinson, Ben Bradlee Jr. and Marty Baron who were at the heart of the investigation into the scandal and…investigated thousands of documents and covered interview after interview across the New England area to reveal the scandal that began a series of revelations that hit the Catholic Church hard. This was really the first big story that revealed the horrendous abuse of victims and the cover-up that followed and was to mark the beginning of story after story of similar abuses and cover-ups that covered the globe.

Back then there wasn't funding secured for the film but that seems like that has changed. Participant Media and DreamWorks are going to be backing the film according to the latest news in The Hollywood Reporter and for DreamWorks it seems a very surprising choice. I must admit I didn't think that this kind of project would be a DreamWorks film.

The article also tells us that Tom McCarthy is not only directing but co-writing with Josh Singer. McCarthy is known for The Station Agent, The Visitor (Filmstalker review) and Win Win while Singer has written for Fringe, Lie to Me, The West Wing and the upcoming The Fifth Estate, the WikiLeaks film.

There's a powerful amount of information and talent behind the story itself, not just the film's script but the investigation into the true story. That's where the film will be taking its viewpoint from, through the stories of the reporters of the Boston Globe as they investigate the horrific story.

I really do find it surprising that DreamWorks would tackle the project, it just doesn't seem like their kind of film especially as in America it will court a lot of controversy and the Catholic Church will be screaming out against it. Perhaps though that's one reason why they want the film.

Holly Bario, President of DreamWorks, had this to say about the film:

"The Boston Globe's coverage of the Catholic priest scandal opened the door to a bigger story that had worldwide ramifications…The story of how this team of editors and reporters came to uncover the truth will make a dramatic and compelling film, especially with the talents of our director Tom McCarthy and his co-screenwriter Josh Singer on board."

However it shouldn't be that much of a surprise as DreamWorks worked with Participant on The Fifth Estate, which Singer also wrote, Lincoln, The Help, The Kite Runner, The Soloist, films which don't all necessarily scream DreamWorks. The truth is they've been moving out into meatier territory for some time and there's more truth coming through their films than there has been for some time and that's helped along by Participant who carry a lot of more serious and truthful films on their slate.

It's a great mix of talent behind the film, there are a couple of big production companies behind it, and there's an amazing story to be told, in fact there's a story that needs to be told, one that's was covered up and kept quiet and even though the story came out it really doesn't seem to have changed anything.



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