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Whitaker on Pryor biographical film

RichardPryor.jpgA Richard Pryor biographical film has been a long time in the making but it's never actually been made. We've heard stories before of different names behind and in front of the camera but the film has never managed to get made.

Now there's a new effort to get a film off the ground, this one with Forest Whitaker's company producing and the involvement of one Jennifer Pryor, the wife of Richard Pryor.

This sounds like it could actually be a production that could make it, with the power of Forest Whitaker behind the film it's looking good but the real weight behind this is the wife of Richard Pryor.

It's a long way off from deciding who could play the part of Pryor. We've previously heard that Marlon Wayans and also that Eddie Murphy were both going to be playing the role of the comedian who fell fowl of a fantastic talent mixed with fame and drugs, but who could it be now?

I think leaping forward to that decision would be a bit premature, we have to see if Whitaker could actually get this film made. The real question is why it's never worked so far, after all Richard Pryor is a hugely recognisable name, a very funny guy, and his story is both a rags to riches and a cautionary tale of the darker side of fame. Surely this would be a film that would be a box office draw?

Perhaps it's because there hasn't been a Pryor involved in the film as yet. Autobiographical films really do need the backing of the family and the estate and that's something that Jennifer Pryor could bring to the production with Forest Whitaker taking the money earning power as well as the possibility of the directing chair.

The story from First Showing doesn't offer us anything else other than the names involved in the new production and it doesn't sound as though it has moved too far forward, it is looking good though. Would you be interested in a Richard Pryor film?



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