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Big name directors sought for next Bond

JamesBond.jpgThe rumours are starting to fly about who the director will be for the next Bond film, the sequel to Skyfall (Filmstalker review). While there's speculation that Sam Mendes is in the mix there are other names being mentioned, big names too, but so far it's all talk.

Mendes is really busy just now and has two stage productions to deal with so would the Bond production wait that long for him to free up or would they look to other names and capitalise on the success of Skyfall sooner?

I really enjoyed Skyfall and I thought Sam Mendes did a great job. Of course he had a great script to work with that was making some big hits on the Bond franchise and this wasn't just another one in the series, plus he was joining the franchise at a time when it had just a little bit of a dip. So will he be coming back to try the same again, this time off the back of a very successful Bond film?

Deadline through The Guardian are telling us that Sam Mendes is indeed back in the conversation regarding directing the sequel to Skyfall (Filmstalker review) despite previously saying he wouldn't be due to commitments on other projects. What's being said is that the producers are willing to wait for his schedule to clear for him to take the role, if he's willing, and so talks are underway.

They have an interesting fact that not since John Glen directed Bond in the eighties has the services of one director been retained for more than one film in a row, in this case Glen directed five. Interesting but it doesn't really point to anything.

Mendes had a strong film in Skyfall but then he was following Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review). I wonder if the script for the next film would be as strong, and remember we've just seen the two long running writers leave the series. Perhaps it's better to go for another new director?

The wait for Mendes would be a long one as he has a number of commitments on stage to see through first and I'm not sure the producers want to wait until Skyfall is totally forgotten. John Logan is currently writing the script for the film so waiting one or two years for Mendes does seem quite a while to wait.

The Hollywood Reporter have some slightly different information, and remember these are all speculative at the moment, they say that there are other directors in the mix for the job with names like Ang Lee, Christopher Nolan and Nicolas Winding Refn being mentioned - remember this doesn't mean they have definitely been approached, just that those pesky "insiders" have been talking about them.

While I think Sam Mendes did a really good job on the film I think it would be interesting to keep the franchise fresh and move onto another director. They've certainly set the bar high for the calibre of directors that should be working on Bond and it doesn't mean that Sam Mendes couldn't return to direct the Bond film after this next one, we've seen directors return before.

Let's get someone new in and do something different once again with Bond. Personally I believe that one of the attractions of the series is the ever changing direction.



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