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Fantastic Four changing for reboot

FantasticFour_Poster.jpgYou might have forgotten about the Fantastic Four reboot but Hollywood hasn't, unfortunately, and if you listen to the rumour of possible casting it seems that they might be taking a huge break from the traditional storyline and changing the race of some of the characters.

I'm not sure if this would really have any big impact on the story or the characters, but it is an interesting change that could suggest a very different restart.

The new version of The Fantastic Four is set to be directed by Josh Trank who previously came to everyone's notice through his film Chronicle. Jeremy Slater and Seth Grahame-Smith have written the script and involved behind the scenes are Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar too.

The story that comes through The Wrap is that Michael B. Jordan, who starred in Chronicle, might be cast as the Human Torch character. As you'll realise the original character of the Human Torch through the comics and the first film was white.

The article in The Playlist, which carries this story from the original article, also points out that Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, is the sister of the Human Torch, Johnny Storm, and therefore it would be possible that this character would also change race. Mind you there's nothing to suggest that the family could be mixed race.

Of course this shouldn't make any great difference really, whether the character was white, black, whatever, the characters don't have any strong trait or ongoing storyline that relies on them being white or even American.

Does it really matter if characters like this change race because of the actors chosen for them? I suspect there would be more uproar if they were relocated.



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