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New action packed Man of Steel trailer

ManofSteel.jpgThere's a much more complete trailer arrived for Man of Steel and one that shows off the effects in the film much more than we've seen to date. This isn't one talking about the origins or skirting around the plot line and characters of the film, here we're straight into the deep end.

It looks fantastic and on a rather epic scale, I do hope though that they haven't gone too big, too epic, and blown the bolt on the first film. Mind you from all accounts Zack Snyder hasn't allowed that to happen.

The new trailer for Man of Steel gives us story and epic scenes just as we would expect. The scale of the villain looks to be massively increased over the one we knew previously, as does the rest of the film.

The question I immediately had was would they capture the essence of Superman and listening to something that Zack Snyder said in a featurette on the film it sounds like they have but with a new addition. He's wanting to make something more of the fact that Superman is in fact an alien, something that seems to be forgotten a lot when looking at the character.

That does sound interesting and I'm keen to see the new take, but I still want that old Superman to be there too, even if it is hidden behind the effects and the new suit.

See what you think of the new trailer through The Hollywood Reporter for Man of Steel:



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