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New World War Z trailer looks epic

WorldWarZ.jpgA new trailer for World War Z has arrived and while there's not too much in the way of new footage there is a huge sense of scale of the story and just how this is more of an end of the world disaster film than anything else.

The only thing that really remains from the original novel is the idea of this one man trying to track down the cause of the events that are happening around him, trying to find some understanding that might help stop the world wide spread of a disease that turns people into something terrifying.

World War Z is released in the UK and the US on the 21st of June and so I'm going to stop going on about the differences from the book, I've done that enough already and covered it in a fair bit of detail. There's nothing more to say about that as the film now exists as its own entity and will live or die on how good it is.

Well, that and Brad Pitt's performance as well as the rest of the cast around him, the script, the direction and the huge amount of special effects which look fantastic from this trailer.

Here is the new trailer for World War Z which comes through The Guardian. I actually think this is the best trailer for the film I've seen so far. I think I might be falling for the idea.



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