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The Wolverine CinemaCon trailer

TheWolverine.jpgNow this is a big trailer. There's not much to say in terms of analysis other than the music is epic, the titles are epic and the shots are epic.

The question is which way is The Wolverine going to go? Will it end up becoming a little bit silly or will it build on the character and the idea of his immortality? Will he get his wish?

There's a big question to ask about The Wolverine and that's whether his nemesis succeeds in doing what he wants to do to the character, I rather think he will but then Wolverine will pull it back from the brink, after all what what Wolverine be…I shan't go on and leave the rest for the film.

Here's the new trailer for The Wolverine that comes from CinemaCon through TrailerAddict:



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