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Action packed Man of Steel trailer

ManofSteel.jpgWow. I saw this trailer for Man of Steel at the tail end of last week and it looks fantastic. This trailer still captures some of the essence of Superman while delivering huge scale scenes with action galore. If this trailer, and all the television and internet adverts flying around are anything to go by, this is going to be epic.

It does seem that Zack Snyder and his team have managed to capture a fair bit of the original Superman while modernising him, his story, his meaning to the people at large in the film, as well as piling on action and effects to really modernise the story and increase the eye candy.

I wonder if Zack Snyder has managed to pull off the impossible and deliver a new Superman that new audiences will go to see to appease the studio accountants and will still appeal to the existing fan base. I think he might have.

Here's the new Man of Steel trailer which came through The Hollywood Reporter:

Will he manage it?



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