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Blade Runner sequel gains unlikely writer

BladeRunner.jpgThere's a lot of chatter on the Interflab about the writer who has been hired to rewrite the script for the Blade Runner sequel that Hampton Fancher, the writer of the original Blade Runner, has delivered, and it isn't hugely positive.

The reason for that is that the writer has previously co-written on The Green Lantern, and while that film didn't work out as well as expected it can't all be laid at his feet, there were three other writers credited with that script and a director.

While the headlines are that the writer Michael Green, writer on The Green Lantern, has been assigned to rewrite the script that Hampton Fancher, the original author of Blade Runner, has delivered for the Blade Runner sequel, and the insinuation is clear that it's a step down in quality from Blade Runner to The Green Lantern, but it isn't as clear cut as that.

Credited on The Green Lantern were four writers, one director and a studio. So suggesting that the entire film is the reflection of a single writer's ability isn't entirely fair. These are also the credited writers, who know who else was involved in the project, how much influence the studio executives and producers had over the story, and so on.

Looking at his entire career we see that Michael Green has also written on Smallville, Heroes, the script for the upcoming film The Flash, and he's worked on rewrites of Robopocalypse according to the The Hollywood Reporter story.

Meanwhile Hampton Fancher has written Blade Runner together with David Webb Peoples which was adapted from the Philip K. Dick novel as well as The Mighty Quinn and The Minus Man, both adapted from novels.

You see it isn't as clear cut and simple as the headlines might make you think, it isn't being handed from a genius of a writer to a terrible one, far from it, the lines between the headlines are as blurred as always.

There's not any other news to accompany this story so all we're hearing is that the draft of the Blade Runner sequel written by one of the men who wrote the original Blade Runner script adapting it from the short story and who hasn't written a lot since, has been replaced by another writer to deliver the next draft, a writer who has co-written a not so successful film, has written for television and has a script waiting for production.

That's about the size of it, and there's no offence meant to either writer, that's just the cold hard story. The real news is who the writers are but that the script has moved to a rewrite. That means the plans for the Blade Runner sequel are still going forward. The first draft has been seen and there's an appetite to keep going.

Right now it looks more likely that we're going to see a Blade Runner sequel.



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