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Filth trailer shows a little extra

Filth.jpgA new trailer for Filth has arrived, the adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel by Jon S. Baird and starring James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots, Eddie Marsan, Kate Dickie, David Soul, Martin Compston, Shirley Henderson, Shauna Macdonald, John Sessions and more. This trailer provides pretty much more of the same however it does have a short section in the middle that suggests some more story to the filth of the title.

Rather than just the ongoing downward spiral there's a section that shows some realisation of the main character and perhaps some redemption, or at least looking for help. Whether that is real or not and where that comes in the character's remains with those who know the story or have seen the film.

For the rest of us we'll have to wait for the 27th September release in the UK before we find out what the story of the film version of Filth has in store for us and for the character James McAvoy plays. This does have to be one of the furthest characters from Professor X that we've seen him as.

Filth is the adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel (Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com) which follows a bipolar policeman who is addicted to drugs and is generally a down and out lowlife out to use and abuse everything and everyone around him for his own gain. He manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season while trying to gain a promotion within the force while also trying to win back his wife and daughter, something that looks like is eluding his grasp with every frame.

Jon S. Baird has adapted and directed the film and you might have seen his film Cass (Filmstalker review) which features a great performance from Nonso Anozie who has gained much recognition since. He also wrote the film too. Oh, and he was born in Aberdeen where I grew up.

Here's the latest Filth trailer to sink into which comes through First Showing, remember to wash thoroughly afterwards and not to practice anything you see in the trailer.



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