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Insidious: Chapter 2 trailer looks superb

InsidiousChapter2.jpgI have to admit I wasn't expecting the kind of trailer that Insidious: Chapter 2 has delivered, through the trailer I'm reminded of the old Poltergeist films and other such horrors, ones that don't rely on the scare delivered through a sudden musical movement with rapid on screen movement.

Insidious 2 looks genuinely creepy with much more of a psychological horror that builds in the background, and some of the scenes shy away from the standard scares to deliver a much more unnerving experience. I think it looks great.

Interestingly the title of the film is Insidious: Chapter 2, not Insidious 2. Now it's a subtle thing but it makes me think much more of ongoing sequels rather than a single sequel. Is this going to fast become a horror franchise that goes beyond just two films?

Right now that isn't the issue though, the trailer for the new film looks very strong and both Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson have returned for the film to play the parents of the Lambert family who once again find themselves at the centre of some strange spiritual activity.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell have also returned to direct and write the film respectively, which judging from the trailer they've done superbly well. Oh and Barbara Hershey also stars, remember her in something similarly creepy from back in the early eighties, The Entity?

The first film, as The Hollywood Reporter reminds us, returned a big profit for the studio and since that's the most important thing these days it means a sequel was given the go ahead before the tills had finished ringing. It was made for $1.5 million and grossed $97 million worldwide, which is a damn fine profit, and the article then says:

”The film led many producers to see the viability of low-budget, non-found-footage projects.”

What there were no viable low-budget films before the “found-footage” genre came along, a genre that has delivered a high degree of rubbish films, in fact what are the really good found footage films that were viable other than The Blair Witch Project?

Anyway, I'm getting off track, let's get back onto the task at hand, the trailer for Insidious: Chapter 2, its right here and well worth watching. It gets released on 13th September in UK and US.



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