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Pioneer trailer, strong international thriller

Pioneer.jpgThe first thing that caught my eye about the Pioneer trailer, and it should do for you as well, is that Aksel Hennie stars and the last time I saw him was in the excellent Headhunters (Filmstalker review) and he was superb.

The second thing that caught me was the international cast with Wes Bentley, Stephen Lang, Jonathan LaPaglia, Stephanie Sigman, Jørgen Langhelle and Ane Dahl Torp. Then there's are the two magic words that take me back to some wonderful films of my youth, conspiracy thriller.

The trailer for Pioneer backs up all the positive things I've just been saying about the film and it does look like a strong, modern day, conspiracy thriller, not afraid to shy away from action and delivering some great looking scenes. I'm intrigued.

Here's the plot outline for Pioneer:

Conspiracy thriller from the beginning of the Norwegian oil rush. The country gains confidence as it fights to secure its riches. Professional diver Peder is obsessed about reaching the bottom of the Norwegian Sea. Along with his brother Knut, he has the discipline, strength and daring necessary for the world's most dangerous job. A test dive to below 500 metres is compared to Norway's moon landing, and shall convince sceptics that laying a pipeline to the mainland is possible. For Peder, the question isn't whether it's feasible, but who'll take part. Then a tragic accident changes everything, and sends Peder on a journey where he gradually loses sight of who's pulling which strings.

Oh and another thing, it comes from the director Erik Skjoldbjærg who you might know directed the original Insomnia as well as Prozac Nation. Throw in a few writers including Nikolaj Frobenius who wrote the original Insomnia and we have a strong mix of talent.

Okay enough of this, get yourself to the trailer through TrailerAddict right now. Here's Pioneer:



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