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The Family trailer delivers well

TheFamily.jpgI have to admit to prejudging The Family as it stars Robert De Niro and seems to offer a comedy, that means it's going to be puerile and De Niro plodding through it to get the job done. While the set-up is screaming that loud and clear as soon as you get through the opening moments everything transforms, and not just De Niro.

The idea is that the family in question are from organised crime, forced to escape the life and testify against those he once called friends the father has to accept a witness protection programme and so the family relocate. The problem is that they can't stay in one place long enough and their final chance is relocation in France.

It seems that you can't take the organised crime part out of the family and while the father might be trying to go straight the other members are still only too eager to embrace their past. That means the kids too.

The Family stars Robert De Niro as the father, Michelle Pfeiffer as the mother, and Dianna Agron and Joseph Perrino as the two children. Tommy Lee Jones, Ricardo Cordero and Jon Freda also star in the film.

Luc Besson co-wrote the film with Michael Caleo adapting it from a novel by Tonino Benacquista and Besson also directed it. Here's the official plot outline for The Family:

The darkly comedic action film The Family is about the Manzonis, a notorious mafia family relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program. While they do their best to fit in, old habits die hard and they soon find themselves handling things the "family" way. Relativity's The Family, formerly known as Malavita, is directed by French filmmaker Luc Besson (La Femme Nikita, Leon: The Professional, The Fifth Element, Angel-A, Arthur and the Invisibles, The Lady) from a script co-written by Besson and Michael Caleo, based on Tonino Benacquista's nove

The trailer through Yahoo Movies and First Showing for The Family looks like a lot of fun, especially with everyone but the father letting their short fuses rule them.



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