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The Frozen Ground trailer, more Cusack versus Cage

TheFrozenGround.jpgWas the last time we saw John Cusack going up against Nicolas Cage in Con Air? Well they weren't on opposite sides there but they definitely are in the upcoming film The Frozen Ground which sees Cage playing an Alaskan State Trooper trying to track down a serial killer.

The story is "based on actual events" and is expanded when the State Trooper teams up with a survivor of one of the killer's attacks, a survivor that no one believes but him, and the killer of course.

The film stars John Cusack as the killer, Nicolas Cage as the State Trooper and Vanessa Hudgens as the survivor. There are also names such as Radha Mitchell, Katherine LaNasa, Dean Norris, Kurt Fuller and Kevin Dunn in the film which is written and directed by Scott Walker in his first feature.

Looking into the story behind the film The Frozen Ground, Wikpedia tells us that it was based on the real life hunt for the serial killer Robert Hansen, the character that John Cusack is playing in the film. Hansen murdered somewhere between seventeen and twenty one women, burying them in the Alaskan wilderness, between 1980 and 1983 when he was convicted and is now serving four hundred and sixty one years in prison.

The character Nicolas Cage plays, Sargent Jack Halcombe, was based on Detective Glenn Flothe who had been on the trail of a serial killer in Alaska when Cindy Paulson, the woman played by Vanessa Hudgens, managed to escape from Hansen and make her way to safety before being taken in by the police.

It's here where, through the trailer anyway, the film seems to diverge from reality as the police don't believe her and it's only the State Trooper character of Jack Halcombe that does. Perhaps the rest of the film does stay true to the actual events more so than the trailer suggests, but we know that Hollywood can run away with these things sometimes. Reading the above though, it doesn't seem as though there is a need to dramatise the actual story, it's all there already.

Here's the trailer for The Frozen Ground which comes through Yahoo Movies and First Showing. I'm hoping it does stay true to the actual story and while Cage dials down his performance, Cusack dials his up. It looks like it from the trailer:



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