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White House Down extended trailer

WhiteHouseDown.jpgA new trailer for White House Down has arrived and while it's much the same it does introduce the two main characters more and play to the buddy comedy aspect of the film, something which I think is its downside.

Along with that though are some new, bigger and bolder scenes and a clear indication from the trailer that this is more than just the White House that's going down.

I did really enjoyOlympus has Fallen and considering that Roland Emmerich was directing I thought that White House Down would be the disaster epic, big screen, epic budget version. Not saying that Olympus Has Fallen didn't have a big budget but not the epic blockbuster size that Emmerich films tend to be, especially not in the effects department budgets.

So the trailers haven't quelled that idea much although the President team up does seem like it could offer some moments of uniqueness, it does feel with this new trailer that the buddy comedy is going a little too far for the reality of their relationship and their characters.

Oh I know the word reality might not sit too well here but that has to be there to identify and understand the characters, otherwise it is just a soulless action piece. Is that what White House Down will be?

I'm not sure, even with this trailer I'm torn because it also reveals there's much more to the story than we expect - the Air Force One destruction, the missile launch, the moving through the capital streets and the comments about this being a diversion for something much bigger - it all points to, well, something much bigger.

Here's the new trailer through TrailerAddict for White House Down:



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