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July 30, 2013

Lead chosen for Armstrong film, others follow, but are they too soon?

A biographical film about Lance Armstrong has been a long time coming, and when the idea was first being talked about no one knew what was coming down the road in a matter of years. Now the truth has been revealed there are a good few films trying to tell...

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Gravity trailer and clip raises excitement

A new trailer and a new clip for Gravity have been released and they have gained a lot of recognition. The reason? Well they are frantic, action packed sequences all in one continuous scene, and for the trailer that's a rather unusual choice. The film from writer and director Alfonso...

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July 24, 2013

Abrams Star Wars rumours false, are the Star Trek rumours?

Rumours have been saying that J.J. Abrams was set to leave the new Star Wars film but Lucasfilm have been quick to come out and say that this just isn’t true and refute the rumour. Meanwhile there are rumours coming about some of the names behind the Star Trek franchise....

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July 23, 2013

Freddie Mercury film faltering?

Is the Freddie Mercury film going to get made? Usually the problem with biographical films about famous musicians and bands are the rights, obtaining them either to the music or to the person themselves and while the filmmakers are keen to move forward the person, the widow or the estate...

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Snyder announces Superman versus Batman

Zack Snyder has announced that Batman and Superman will be sharing the same screen in the next film following his recently released Man of Steel. While there aren't many details he did get Harry Lennix, who played General Swanwick in the Man of Steel film, to read a line of...

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July 16, 2013

Oldboy remake trailer, Lee opens the case

The remake of Oldboy by writer Mark Protosevich and director Spike Lee isn't that far off now, something most who had seen the original had never thought would happen finally has, and now there's a trailer to show us what to expect. What's different about this, or what we're told...

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom trailer, Elba voice leads

I'm surprised that we're seeing a trailer for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom already, even if it is a teaser trailer. Mind you there's not a great deal in the trailer other than Idris Elba delivering a strong vocal performance as the man himself and carrying it off very well....

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Out of the Furnace trailer delivers massive cast

The trailer for Out of the Furnace is like surprise after surprise as just about each shot brings another high profile actor into the cast list. There's Christian Bale, Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe, Forest Whitaker, Casey Affleck and Sam Shepard, and more. Written by Brad Ingelsby and Scott...

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Lovelace trailer arrives and looks a lot of fun

We have two films about Linda Lovelace coming and it looks like Lovelace is the one that's going to make it first by a mile, does that make it the better one? Well we haven't had much way to judge that yet other than the cast list, now we have...

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Escape Plan trailer, Arnie and Sly together

While the names of Jason Keller and Miles Chapman as the writers for Escape Plan might not mean much to you, Keller wrote Machine Gun Preacher (Filmstalker review), there are some names in Escape Plan you will know and it's not just the big guns of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold...

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Saving Mr Banks trailer, the untold Mary Poppins story

A film about the real Walt Disney sounds like a really fascinating film except that doesn't seem to be the one we'll be getting here. Saving Mr. Banks is based on a real story though, the story is about the author P.L. Travers who created Mary Poppins and then was...

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Wasteland trailer offers interesting tease of British heist film

I'm always interested in a good British film, especially one that takes a new look to a well-trodden genre or adds a very unique British slant. Right now I'm not entirely sure which Wasteland will bring, perhaps both, but from the trailer for the British heist film it does look...

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jOBS trailer, Kutcher 2.0 released

The cult fans of Apple and Steve Jobs went crazy over the trailer for jOBS, the film about Steve Jobs and the Apple company, but for others it might just breeze past them. One thing can be said whatever camp you're in, Ashton Kutcher looks like he's going to be...

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July 9, 2013

Pluto (Myungwangsung)

Film Four Stars
I don't know what the attraction for a film about a student attacking classmates is but I hazard a guess that it's the fact that we never really understand why someone would do such a thing and that when it happens it's such a shocking event, so shocking that it...

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July 1, 2013

Paris Countdown (La Jour Attendra)

Film Five Stars
I love thrillers and I love stylish ones. Now if it comes from Europe then I'm pretty much sold on the film before I've even read anything of it, and that is basically how I came to Paris Countdown (La Jour Attendra) at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The blurb...

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Il Futuro (The Future)

Film One Star
Il Futuro (The Future) grabbed my interest at this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival for one very big reason, Rutger Hauer. Of course the write-up sounded interesting too and it sounded rather quirky without selling itself on the side of silly, in fact it sounded as though it could be...

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The Bling Ring

Film Two Stars
To be honest I don't know what I was expecting from The Bling Ring at this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival but I was hoping for more Lost in Translation and less Marie Antoinette, two very different films from the writer and director Sofia Coppola. A young cast and the...

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